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Welcome! I'm Wynona, a passionate filmmaker and photographer with a love for nature, adventure and the great outdoors.

Growing up in one of the smallest, flattest, and most artificial countries, the Netherlands, I've always been fascinated by wild, remote places and diverse cultures. As a child I mostly spent my time in nature, while horse riding, drawing, creating art or writing stories.

I graduated from the Art Academy, the Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam, with a degree in Audiovisual Design. During my internship at BNNVARA, a Dutch broadcasting association, I worked as a camera operator, journalist, web content creator, and editor. Additionally, I completed a minor in Creative Storytelling at the High School of Utrecht, where I combined my skills in the power of storytelling through theatre, dance, and performance with socially engaged topics.

As a filmmaker and photographer, I strive to create authentic and dreamy content that evokes emotion and intuition. Whether playing with natural light or capturing exotic landscapes, I aim to generate a positive impact on society while bringing my clients' visions to life.If you're interested in collaborating on a project, don't hesitate to reach out!


why storytelling


As a visual thinker, I am passionate about capturing images that tell a story. Whether inspired by a word, smell, melody or thought, I use photography and video to bring these images to life. My goal is to eternalize your fairy tale, capturing moments that transport you back in time. I prioritize authenticity in my storytelling, ensuring that your unique perspective shines through in every frame.

things I love most

My love for adventure, genuine emotions and nature drives me to create content that captures the magic of life. Whether surfing, running barefoot, or watching the moon rise, I'm at my best in nature. When traveling, I relish the opportunity to create beautiful memories and content, and to discover new cultures and ways of life. Whether pushing boundaries or connecting with new experiences, I thrive on the thrill of the unknown. 

now you know about me...  tell me about you!  

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