I'm almost graduating my study Audiovisual Design. For that, I'm making a short film about dealing with traumas - an important topic that deserves more attention. Please check out the link above for more information and how you can help us realising this project. 

Topic of matter

It is important that mental health issues are open for discussion but unfortunately this is not a given. There is a taboo on discussing mental health, depression, loneliness, dealing with difficult emotions such as anger, grief and fear. With this short film we want to discuss these themes of vulnerability and at the same time show the beauty of it, because pain and vulnerability could also initiate powerful change. 

About the film

As a child, Blanca lost her father: pain and trauma haunt her as she grows up into an adult woman. In an enchanting audiovisual dance story through nature, she gets confronted with her fears and vulnerability and seeks the answer to the question: what effect did the event have on her life? How do you deal with pain and trauma?

An enchanting dance and healing journey through nature blurs the lines between documentary and fiction, dreams and reality. Blanca's trauma forms the basis of the storytelling. Where words are inadequate, she was able to express her feelings through dance. Through a journey in nature, Blanca reflects on how dancing, music and nature helped her cope with pain. The journey reflects the life path she went through from child to woman, the unpredictability of life and the freedom and strength that learning to deal with pain brings.

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