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I'm almost graduating my study Audiovisual Design. For that, I'm making a short film about the process of  trauma - an important topic that deserves more attention. Please check out the link underneath for more information and how you can help us realising this project!

Topic of matter

It is important that mental health issues are open for discussion but unfortunately this is not a given. There is a taboo on discussing mental health, depression, loneliness, dealing with difficult emotions such as anger, grief and fear. With this short film we want to discuss these themes of vulnerability and at the same time show the beauty of it, because pain and vulnerability could also initiate powerful change. 

About the film

Have you ever had the urge to run away? Do you know that desire to keep running, away from reality and fleeing into your fantasy world? We all know some form of escapism. Blanca finds herself in a world where the distinction between dreams and nightmares, reality and fiction is blurred: a world where she is confronted with both harsh reality and her deep desires. 

As a child, Blanca lost her father: pain and trauma haunt her as she grows up into an adult woman. In an enchanting audiovisual dance story through nature, she tries to escape reality by fleeing into her fantasy world. There, she gets confronted with both her fears and desires..